Travel Guide on Beaches of Jacksonville Florida

Florida is popularly called the “Sunshine State,” with beautiful beaches that attract millions of visitors from across the world. Among other tourist destinations in Florida, Jacksonville is famous for its many charming shorelines.

Jacksonville is one among many other cities in Florida that offer diverse beach experiences. But for many reasons, the beaches in Jacksonville stand apart from other tourist destinations in Florida. Below are some of the best beaches of Jacksonville Florida for you to spend some time and enjoy various activities.

Best Beaches to Visit in Jacksonville

1. Jacksonville Beach

Nestled is a bustling seaside town and a popular tourist destination due to its Jacksonville charming golden sand beach. Visitors from across the globe flock around Nestled for building sandcastles and sunbathing. Its nightlife is lively and marvelous with bars and clubs and thus is one of the top beaches of Jacksonville Florida to visit.

2. Neptune Beach

Another big attraction in Jacksonville is Neptune Beach which is towards the south of Atlantic Beach. Though this is comparatively smaller in size, it is popular for its features of seclusion and privacy. If you wish to spend some lonely moments and enjoy privacy, Neptune Beach is the perfect destination for you. Go to Neptune Beach, one of the most enchanting tranquil beaches by Jacksonville fl to ensure your privacy.

3. Atlantic Beach

The Atlantic Beach is located towards the east of Jacksonville Beach. Atlantic Beach is famous for its tranquil atmosphere and is a perfect destination for visiting with family. The beach has a vast coastline with gentle waves and soft sands. You can also take advantage of the Bull Memorial Park and Adele Grage Cultural Center and attend live music and events organized by them at intervals. Atlantic Beach is one of the hidden beaches of Jacksonville fl, especially for family-oriented visits.

4. Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is located 20 miles southeast of downtown Jacksonville. This place is more known for its luxurious resorts, lavish amenities, and sports for high-profile people like world-class golf courses, etc. Another attraction of Ponte Vedra Beach is its TPC Sawgrass golf course which hosts the prestigious “Players Championship” world golf tournament. Visit Ponte Vedra Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches near Jacksonville fl.

5. Hanna Park Beach

The Hanna Park Beach, often called as Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, is located towards the east of Jacksonville and is a pristine beach with numerous outdoor activities. Popular activities in Hanna Park include beach volleyball playing, sunbathing, swimming, and biking. Besides this, the place also has a freshwater lake for paddleboarding and kayaking, and campgrounds and picnic spots. For many exciting activities in one place, visit Hanna Park, one of the unique public beaches of Jacksonville fl.

6. Little Talbot Island State Park

If you are a lover of nature and value virgin nature or destinations that are untouched and undeveloped, then the Little Talbot Island State Park is perfect for you. You can experience the original ecological environment, and observe unique wildlife, along with shelling and beachcombing here. This is one of the natural, untouched, and best beaches around Jacksonville Florida you should visit.

Top Things to Do in Jacksonville Florida

  • Go around the Beaches: There are many beaches in Jacksonville with numerous characteristics and every beach is different from another. For example, Jacksonville Beach has different features compared to Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach. Similarly, the luxurious Ponte Vedra Beach is a different experience compared to the tranquility and privacy of Neptune Beach. So, go around famous beaches near Jacksonville NC, and gain a variety of unique experiences.
  • St. Johns River: The St. Johns River is a popular focal point in Jacksonville. Everyone who visits Jacksonville spends some time on his or her trip to enjoy the river in various ways. You can enjoy the river cruise, spend time paddleboarding or kayaking, or just watch the river and observe different activities.
  • Get into the Cummer Art Museum and Gardens: The Cumer Art Museum is a fantastic collection of art, especially American and European paintings. Besides the beach, Cummer Art Museum is one of the best places to visit in Jacksonville Florida, which you should never ignore.
  • Go to Jacksonville MOSH, Zoo and Gardens, and Kingsley Plantation: The Museum of Science and History is a unique place for visitors of all ages and is a learning place of different aspects of history, science, and ecology. Similarly, the Jacksonville Zoo is another attraction, especially if you are with family and kids. Another interesting place to visit is the Kingsley Plantation to learn about the history of slavery in Florida. These are some of the best places to go in Jacksonville Florida you must visit on your trip.
  • Go to TIAA Bank Field and Dine and Shop at St. John’s Town Center: Go to TIAA Bank Field if you’re a football fan and watch the Jacksonville Jaguars game. Similarly, if you are a food lover, get into one of the many restaurants at St. Johns Town Center. This is also a unique place with many retail stores and boutiques popular for shopping.
  • Participate in Events and Festivals: Jacksonville organizes many events and celebrates festivals throughout the year. Ask about such events and festivals to locals and plan a visit to attend the events and festivals. Some of the famous events and festivals are the Riverside Craft Beer Festival, the World of Nations Celebration, and the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. Attending the events and festivals can be truly something unique to Jacksonville places to visit.

Best Time to Visit Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville has a subtropical climate with distinct seasons and weather. So, planning a trip to Jacksonville depends on your budget and preferences, especially your intended activities in Jacksonville. If you have a good budget, you can plan your trip during the peak seasons during spring and early summer. Spring season in Jacksonville is from March to May and summer is from June to August.

However, you can also choose the fall which is from September to November to enjoy outdoor activities like biking, hiking, etc. If you are a first-time visitor and confused about the destinations and timing, and asking if is there a beach in Jacksonville Florida, yes, there are many beaches in Jacksonville, and you can visit the beaches throughout the year including fall.

How to Travel in Jacksonville Florida?

Jacksonville has a highly developed transport infrastructure and it is easy and convenient to travel here. Here are some of the best modes of travel in Jacksonville.

  • Public transport system is the best way to travel in Jacksonville with an extensive network of JTA buses and Jacksonville Skyway.
  • Car rental is another convenient and reliable way to travel in Jacksonville. You can rent a car right at the Jacksonville International Airport as well as anywhere in the city.
  • Taxis, Water Taxis, and Ride Sharing are popular in Jacksonville. Uber and Lyft can be accessed anywhere for short trips and you can avail of water taxi services on the shores of St. John River.
  • If you are to travel along the East Coast, a train would be best for you. Amtrak regulates the rail service and Amtrak rail station is in the downtown area in Jacksonville.
  • Bicycle is another option that is gaining popularity for Jacksonville places to visit. You can rent a bicycle from any of the many bike shops in the city. However, many people also enjoy walking and visiting places in Jacksonville.

Best Places to Stay in Jacksonville Florida

Accommodation, food, and transport solely depend on your budget and preference anywhere you go in the world. If you have enough to spend, then Ponte Vedra Beach should be the place for you to stay. There are many luxurious resorts with lavish amenities for visitors in Ponte Vedra Beach.

However, if you wish to stay in the heart of the city and are on a budget, then downtown Jacksonville is the perfect place for you. There are many affordable hotels with budget-friendly dining facilities in downtown Jacksonville. Another good thing about this place is that you can take the advantage of proximity to many of the Jacksonville beaches to visit from here.

How to Find Best Budget Jacksonville Florida Vacation Packages?

  • Do thorough online research about the tours and travel in Jacksonville before you plan your trip.
  • Make sure you find a reliable and affordable service provider.
  • Plan your trip during off-peak season.
  • Compare the prices of the packages and ask for a reduction of price after searching for customer reviews.
  • Check with the service provider about flexibility issues, especially on date changes or cancellation of the package in the case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Verify and get recommendations and advice from known people who have already traveled to Jacksonville and have prior experience.


Jacksonville Florida is an incredible destination with natural wonders and beautiful beaches. You will have a lot of cool things to do in Jacksonville beaches and its numerous other places. The place has everything to offer beginning from entertainment, luxury stay, events, festivals, etc. So, pack your bags and start your journey to Jacksonville for a memorable and enjoyable trip.

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