Best Luxury Resorts in Cuba All-Inclusive

Cuba officially the “Republic of Cuba” is an island country located where the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the northern Caribbean Sea meet. Cuba comprises 4,195 islands including the island of Cuba, archipelagos and cays, and Isla de la Juventud. This Caribbean country is a popular tourist destination, especially for its natural beauty, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and vibrant culture.

Over the period, Cuba has developed numerous segments of the tourism sector including world-class luxury resorts and unparalleled hospitality. If you are on a trip to Cuba or planning to visit Cuba and looking for an all-inclusive luxury resort, then below is a list of luxury resorts in Cuba all inclusive.

Best All-Inclusive Luxury Resorts in Cuba 

1. Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa

The Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa is a reputed luxurious resort located in Varadero Cuba and is most popular for tourists from across the world. The resort is famous for its quality of service, well-maintained grounds, and beautiful settings, and is one of the best luxury resorts in Cuba all inclusive. Besides this, most visitors prefer this resort due to its modern and top-notch amenities and stunning beach-front location. The resort offers a variety of accommodations including spacious and luxurious suites and rooms. Some of the rooms and suites come with balconies and private terraces. 

The all-inclusive packages of the resort include delicious international cuisines comprising Cuban, Asian, Mediterranean, and many other continental recipes. You can enjoy your meal in one of its many luxurious restaurants. As part of the all-inclusive package, the resort offers an array of activities including beachside yoga, water sports, and spa treatments along with private pools and personalized butler services. The Paradisus Varadero Resort and Spa is one of the best resorts in Cuba Varadero all inclusive.

2. Royalton Cayo Santa Maria

The Royalton Cayo Santa Maria resort is located on the captivating Cayo Santa Maria Island in Cuba. This resort in Cuba happens to be the first choice for the visitors due to its tranquility and exclusivity like the Fowl Cay Resort in Exuma in the Bahamas. This is an adults-only all-inclusive resort featuring lavish suites with personalized services, stunning ocean views, and elegant décor. You can directly access the pristine beach and enjoy the beauty under swaying palm trees or enjoy water activities like kayaking and snorkeling You can also get holistic treatment and other services in its spa and wellness center. The Royalton Cayo Santa Maria is one of the top vacations in Cuba all inclusive resorts if you are on a vacation to Cuba.

The resort offers spacious and elegant suites with modern luxurious amenities. Some suites of the resort have private balconies and terraces and some suites have direct access to the pool. As part of its all-inclusive packages, you can enjoy delicious international and local Cuban recipes in its typical la carte dining options and buffet-style services. Besides various sports and outdoor activities, the resort also offers yoga, tennis, and dance classes. The Royalton Cayo Santa Maria resort is one of the best islands resorts in Cuba all inclusive.

3. Iberostar Grand Packard

The Iberostar Grand Packard resort is located in Havana Cuba and is famous for its convenient location, luxurious accommodations, world-class dining options, and high level of hospitality and services. This is one of the best five-star all-inclusive resorts in Cuba where you can expect your maximum requirements covered in your booking price. The accommodations in the resort include spacious and luxurious suites and rooms that provide stunning views of the ocean or Havana city. As part of the all-inclusive packages, you can expect a range of lavish restaurants serving delicious continental dishes cooked by eminent chefs. You can enjoy your food both through buffet-style meals and a la carte dining options. Besides gorgeous meals, the resort offers modern amenities including a spa. Pool, fitness centers, business infrastructure like meeting and conference facilities. 

Being located in the heart of historical Havana, the capital city of Cuba, you can access heritage sites and historical places in Havana. You can also enjoy a range of activities and entertainment offered by the resort. Above all, the Iberostar Grand Packard is one of the best resorts in Cuba Havana for honeymoon.

4. Paradisus Rio de Oro

If you are a lover of nature and wish to enjoy the natural beauty of Cuba, then the Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort and Spa is the perfect place for you. The resort is located in Holguin province of Cuba which is considered one of the most beautiful provinces when it comes to natural beauty. The Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort is adult-only and is an oasis of luxury, entertainment, and holistic delight for adults. The resort is surrounded by beautiful gardens and bordered by crystalline waters resulting in a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. The Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort and Spa tops in the vacations Cuba all inclusive resorts list.

The all-inclusive packages of the resort offer spacious and lavish suits some of which have hot tubs and private pools leading to a serene and intimate stay for the visitors. The all-inclusive packages also include delicious meals and access to the pool and partake in activities like water sports and hiking. The YHI spa of the resort is truly a haven for numerous wellness therapies resulting in maximum relaxation and rejuvenation for the visitors. The Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort and Spa is one of the most popular all inclusive resorts in Cuba adult only.

5. Melia Cayo Coco 

The Melia Caya Coco is located on the island of Caya Coco on the northern coast of Cuba. The Melia Caya Coco is famous for its elegance and tranquility and the hospitality it offers to the visitors. This is an adult-only all-inclusive resort popular for its luxurious beachfront location and modern and sophisticated amenities. The entire property of the resort is surrounded by a natural environment ensuring maximum relaxation and enjoyment for the visitors. Comparatively, the Melia Caya Coco is one of the newest resorts in Cuba all inclusive.

The all-inclusive packages of the Maya Caya Coco include impressive dining options from gourmet cuisines in the lavish restaurants to beachside eatery facilities. You can experience the delicious and flavorful Cuban delicacies or enjoy continental recipes in Melia Cayo Coco. The accommodations at the resort include luxurious and sea-facing rooms and suites furnished with modern and lavish amenities. Besides this, the spa of the resort provides a range of wellness therapies and treatments ensuring perfect relaxation and rejuvenation. Beyond doubt, the Melia Caya Coco is one of the top luxury beach resorts in Cuba Caya Coco.

6. Melia Jardines del Rey

The Melia Jardines del Ray is located in the Jardines del Rey archipelago in Cuba and is famous for its exceptional snorkeling opportunities as well as luxurious all-inclusive packages and hospitality. The resort offers lavish accommodations including spacious rooms and suites that provide stunning views of the garden and sea. The resort is situated in natural surroundings ensuring the delight of natural beauty for the visitors and is one of the best resorts in Cuba for families

If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, then the Melia Jardines del Ray has the maximum to offer you with its captivating snorkeling sites. You can enjoy the underwater beauty by accessing the marine habitats and surrounding reefs of the resort. Besides this, you can also partake in the diving excursions organized by the resort and swim among the tropical species of fish. Melia Jardines del Ray is a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts and is one of the best all inclusive snorkeling resorts in Cuba.

Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Cuba for Couples

Cuba has many outstanding all-inclusive couple-friendly resorts with intimate and romantic getaways. Almost all the couple-friendly resorts’ all-inclusive packages meet the maximum needs and requirements of the visitors. Besides the food and accommodations, you can also expect a wide range of activities and entertainments that are amusing and best for couples. Below are two best all inclusive luxury resorts in Cuba for couples you to choose the one based on your preference and budget.

  • Royalton Cayo Santa Maria in the Cayo Santa Maria region in Cuba. The description of the resort is furnished above.
  • Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort and Spa in Guardalavaca in Holguin is another top all-inclusive resort for couples with all the couple-friendly settings like the Curtain Bluff Resort in Antigua in the Caribbean.

Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Cuba for Singles

Cuba has several all-inclusive resorts specially designed for solo travelers. You can expect the maximum fulfillment of your needs in the below mentioned two top and best resorts in Cuba for singles.

  • Melia Las Antillas in Varadero.
  • Memories Jibacoa located in Jibacoa. 

Final Thoughts

All-inclusive luxury resorts in Cuba offer a blend of luxurious accommodations, lavish dining options, and an unparalleled experience along with breathtaking settings and a myriad of activities. Irrespective of their locations whether in Varadero or Holguin, they redefine luxury and amusement ensuring maximum satisfaction and fulfillment of expectations. Enjoy in Cuba if you are a couple or a solo traveler or with your family.

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