Most Famous Jamaican Drinks You Must Try

Jamaica is not only popular for its beautiful beaches, unique culture, and other tourist attractions like music, festivals, etc. but also its wonderful and flavorful beverages. The rich and diverse culinary heritage of Jamaica is reflected in its exotic and refreshing drinks made out of local and tropical spices and fruits.

Visiting Jamaica as well as Puerto Rico includes exploring the vibrant local flavors and if you are on a trip to Jamaica never miss the opportunity of tasting its beverages. Below are different varieties of some of the best Jamaican drinks you must try when you visit Jamaica.

Best Jamaican Drinks You Must Try

1. The Quintessential Caribbean Elixir Rum Punch

The quintessential Jamaican Rum Punch is a delightful symphony of rum and tropical juices and a sprinkle of nutmeg. However, as far as the making process of the recipe is concerned, it usually differs as per the choice and preference of the bartenders. Nevertheless, the common ingredients of the recipe include dark rum, simple syrup, bitters, orange juice, pineapple juice, and lime juice. The outcome of the mixture of ingredients leads to a refreshing and potent elixir which is incredible, especially on the dance floor on a lively night or for a lazy day by the beach. Beyond doubt, the quintessential Caribbean elixir Rum Punch is one of the best alcoholic drinks in Jamaica you should taste.

2. Sorrel

Sorrel is more of a spiced and festive drink usually associated with Jamaican celebrations and festivals. Sorrel in Jamaica is the pretty red hibiscus flower and the sorrel drink is made out of the sepals of the hibiscus plant. It is further brewed and infused with different spices including cloves, ginger, and pimento. The infusion of spices makes the drink stand apart with unique flavor and taste. Sorel is usually served chill and tastes sweetened. Sorel is a favorite and staple drink of people in Jamaica, especially during occasions like Christmas and New Year. However, you can get sorel sold in the local markets and restaurants all through the year. Sorel is not only popular in Jamaica but everyone from abroad visiting Jamaica like to taste Sorrel and thus Sorrel is one of the most favorite non alcoholic drinks in Jamaica.

3. Jamaican Ginger Wine

If you are passionate about wine, then the Jamaican Ginger Wine should be the first choice compared to any other wine. This is not just a typical ginger beverage but a specific infusion of spices which turns it into a warming concoction. The ingredients used in the Jamaican ginger wine are ginger, sugar, and spices. You can consume it raw or neat or can use it as a mixer. This versatile warming spirit adds depth to cocktails and is considered one of the best alcoholic drinks of Jamaica.

4. Ting with a Sting: The Ultimate Grapefruit Soda

Popularly said as “Ting with a Sting”, the Ting is a grapefruit soda with a tangy and sharp flavor that gives a citrusy and fizzy experience. For a fizzy and citrusy experience, look no further than Ting. You can drink this unique drink on its own or use it as a mixer for different types of cocktails. Ting is more of a delightful beverage popular for its crispness of grapefruit and the first choice of people, especially on hot afternoons. You can get it all across Jamaica and local Jamaicans usually pair Ting with a splash of rum. So, when it is served with rum it is locally said “Ting with a Sting”. Indeed, Ting is one of the most popular non alcoholic drinks of Jamaica but can serve better as a mixer for alcoholic drinks.

5. Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum

The Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum also popularly called the “White Rum” due to its clear appearance is a genuine taste of Jamaican alcoholic drinks. The Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum contains around 63% alcoholic properties and is the best choice for those who prefer a strong Jamaican taste. The common practice in Jamaica for people fond of cocktails is to choose the Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum as the key ingredient of their cocktail. The incredible Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum is undoubtedly one of the best Jamaica drinks with alcohol and is counted at the same standard as the famous Jamaican Rum Punch.

Most Popular and Best Jamaica Drinks without Alcohol

  • Peanut Punch: Along with the above-mentioned Sorrel and Ting, the Peanut Punch is another famous non-alcoholic beverage popular among locals and visitors alike. The Peanut Punch is a protein-rich creamy beverage made out of condensed milk, blended peanuts, condensed milk, vanilla, and nutmeg. Often the Peanut Punch is also prepared with bananas and oats to give it a sweet flavor. The Peanut Punch is usually served during breakfast but you can consume it all through the day as one of the best and revitalizing Jamaica drinks without alcohol.
  • Ginger Beer: Another most popular non-alcoholic beverage in Jamaica is Ginger Beer. Ginger beer is a carbonated drink that comes with a strong ginger flavor. The beverage is made out of fresh ginger mixed with spices and sugar so that it gives a spicy taste. You can consume ginger beer on its own as one of the unique non alcoholic drinks of Jamaica or use it with cocktails and mocktails. 
  • Carrot Juice and Soursop Juice: Taste the most popular carrot juice of Jamaica which is sweetened with sugar or milk and blended with vanilla and nutmeg. The carrot juice looks incredibly attractive due to its color and is popular for its balance between earthy and sweet flavors. Similarly, you should also never miss the Soursop Juice in Jamaica. Soursop is a green fruit often used for making tasty, creamy, and flavorful juice. Soursop juice is usually blended with pineapple and strawberry for a delightful treat. Besides carrot and soursop juices, other popular non alcoholic drinks of Jamaica are Jamaican Lemonade, coconut water, guava juice, etc.

Cheap and Best Alcoholic Drinks in Jamaica

  • Rum: Rum is the most popular and staple alcoholic beverage in Jamaica as it is in other countries like the US St. Thomas Virgin Island. However, there are different brands of rum out of which some are expensive and some cheaper. White rum brands like Wray and Nephew Overproof White Rum, Appleton White Rum, Captain Morgan Rum White, etc. are some of the comparatively affordable and cheap alcoholic drinks of Jamaica.
  • Red Stripe Beer: The Red Stripe Beer is one of the most common beers popularly consumed across Jamaica and the visitors as well. This popular beer is available almost in all supermarkets, restaurants, and bars. Red Stripe Beer is reasonably priced and affordable for everybody.
  • Dragon Stout and Local Gin: Dragon Stout is a locally brewed dark malty beer that tastes a bit sweeter but is robust. Dragon Stout is cheaper compared to imported stouts and is a popular beverage in Jamaica. Similarly, local brands of gins like Old Tom Gin and Magnum Tonic Wine are comparatively cheaper than the imported brands and good for cocktails or mixed drinks. You can also find cheaper varieties of local vodkas for your mixed drinks instead of using cheap non alcoholic drinks of Jamaica.

Legal Drinking Age in Jamaica

The legal drinking age which includes the possession, consumption, and purchase of alcohol in Jamaica is 18 years of age. As per Jamaican law and enforcement, bars, restaurants, and liquor shops must examine and ensure the age of the person before serving or selling the alcohol. However, the strictness of the liquor laws, especially on Jamaica legal drinking age usually varies from region to region or place to place. In some regions, the laws and their enforcement are stringent whereas in some places they are enforced with relaxation. 

List of Most Famous Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks of Jamaica

Most people, especially visitors from abroad often get confused saying which is famous alcoholic Jamaican drink. If you are one of them or a first-time visitor, then the following is a list of the most popular and famous Jamaican alcoholic drinks for you to directly pick from the list.

  • Jamaican Planter’s Punch.
  • Rum.
  • Dragon Stout.
  • Red Stripe Beer.
  • Rum Punch.

Similarly, if you are confused and saying which is famous non alcoholic Jamaican drink, then just pick from the below listed popular drinks.

  • Guava Juice.
  • Soursop Juice.
  • Jamaican Lemonade.
  • Peanut Punch.
  • Ting.

Final Thoughts

Your trip to Jamaica adds value and delight when you explore the taste of the vibrant Jamaican Foods and the diverse world of Jamaican drinks. When you ask what is famous Jamaican drink, there are many beginning from the peppermint tea to the spirited kick of Jamaican Rum Punch. Every Jamaican beverage both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, tells the story of Jamaican natural abundance and rich culture. So, if you are fond of alcoholic drinks, be sure to indulge in the world of Jamaican alcoholic drinks when you are in Jamaica.

On the other hand, if alcohol is not your passion, then never forget to taste the Jamaican unique and flavorful non-alcoholic drinks. Eventually, do not underestimate the cheaper drinks as they are the gems in the world of Jamaican alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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