Best All-Inclusive Resorts in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) amidst the turquoise waters of the Caribbean attracts visitors from across the globe due to its unparalleled beauty. Around 50 islands with secluded cloves, pristine beaches, and wonderful marine life constitute the British Virgin Islands. Like other Caribbean destinations like the US Virgin Islands, visitors choose BVI for its unique culture, history, and heritage.

BVI offers many things including lavish accommodations both modern and expensive as well as cheaper and affordable, various activities, and a myriad of culinary recipes and dishes. If you are planning a trip to the BVI, below are some of the best British Virgin Islands resorts all inclusive to help you find appropriate accommodation and enjoy your trip. 

Best Resorts in British Virgin Islands All-Inclusive

1. Rosewood Little Dix Bay

The Rosewood Little Dix Bay is located on the shores of Virgin Gorda and is famous for its services and elegance. The resort provides a panoramic ocean view from the luxurious, comfortable, and spacious villas and suites of the resort. Respect, concern, and hospitality from the service providers win the hearts of the visitors for which Rosewood Little Dix Bay has name and fame over the period. Its all-inclusive package is not only attractive and limited to a gourmet dining experience but comprises various wellness programs, watersport activities, and a relaxing spa. Besides the modern and lavish amenities in the Rosewood Little Dix Bay, this one of the best eco-friendly all inclusive resorts in British Virgin island ensures the maximum privacy and intimacy features for the visitors. 

2. Scrub Island Resort

If you are a lover of seclusion and luxury, then the Scrub Island Resort is the best and perfect place for you. Amidst the waters of the Caribbean, the Scrub Island Resort can be only accessed by helicopter or boat. The resort offers luxurious suites and villas with a mesmerizing view of the Caribbean Sea. With modern amenities for lavish living, the Scrub Island Resort has many things to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. The all-inclusive package of the resort offers a variety of activities including water activities like paddle boarding and snorkeling along with fine dining. The all-inclusive package also includes access to its Ixora Spa. Besides this, you can also enjoy its marina to explore adjacent islands or do some adventures. You may have to regret it later if you miss this unique and one of the British Virgin islands top resorts all inclusive.

3. Oil Nut Bay

The Oil Nut Bay is another perfect choice for visitors who prefer seclusion and a lavish staying experience in BVI. The Oil Nut Bay resort is a prestigious and private establishment that offers luxurious estates and villas with a stunning view of the azure waters. The all-inclusive package of the Oil Nut Bay includes personalized services, access to Reef Beach Club, meals, fitness assistance, various types of water sports, and access to a wellness spa. Oil Nut Bay’s specialty is its emphasis on perfect privacy and luxurious stay of the visitors and their satisfaction in terms of fulfillment of their expectations. If you are looking for a private as well as a lavish way of living, then the Oil Nut Bay is one of the best and perfect all inclusive resorts in British virgin islands for you.

4. Rosewood Eustatia Island

Set on a private island, The Rosewood Eustatia Island is established on a private island in the British Virgin Islands and is known for its eco-consciousness and luxury. With modern amenities and a lavish setup, the Rosewood Eustatia offers spacious villas and other residential features amidst mesmerizing natural surroundings. The all-inclusive package of the Rosewood Eustatia access to Rosewood Spa, numerous water sports activities, unique dining options, and different types of wellness programs. Committed to environmental promotion, the Rosewood Eustatia has created an enchanting natural haven for visitors. If you are on a vacation and looking for privacy and luxury, Rosewood Eustatia Bay is one of the best resorts vacations British Virgin islands all inclusive.

5. Guana Island

If you are a lover of natural beauty and tranquility, then the Guana Island resort is the perfect place for you. This unique resort is located on a private island and spread across 850 acres of landscape and seven beautiful beaches. Another feature of the resort is its family-friendly atmosphere. If you are a couple or with a family, then you can spend your time in a perfect private, and intimate environment. Your kids can also enjoy various kids’ activities. The all-inclusive package of the resort includes several types of water sports along with hiking trails, access to the spa, and meals. However, you need to book in advance to ensure your stay in this resort as there are only a limited number of guests permitted at a time. So, ensure your advance booking to enjoy your stay at Guana Island Resort which is one of the most suitable all inclusive luxury resorts in British Virgin islands.

Romantic and Family-Friendly Resorts in BVI

  • Biras Creek Resort: The Biras Creek Resort is located on Virgin Gorda and is suitable for all age visitors. The resort offers spacious villas and suites facing the waters of the Caribbean. If you have children with you, then they can participate in various activities organized by the Kid’s Club of the resort. The all-inclusive package of the Biras Creek offers meals, tennis, water sports, hiking trails, etc. The Biras Creek is counted as one of the best resorts in British virgin island for families.
  • Long Bay Beach Club:  The Long Bay Beach Club is located on Tortola and is another famous resort exclusively for families and couples in BVI. The Long Bay Beach Club offers a variety of accommodations from luxurious suites to rooms with modern amenities and numerous family-friendly features. Besides this, the all-inclusive package of the resort is designed with exclusive family-friendly offers suitable for all age visitors. The all-inclusive package includes beverages, meals, Kid’s Club, various entertainment options, a pool, spa, and non-motorized water sports. If you are a couple or on vacation with your family or newlywed, then this is one of the perfect and most romantic all inclusive British virgin islands resorts for honeymoon
  • Leverick Bay Resort: Leverick Bay is located on Virgin Gorda and is a suitable resort for couples and families. The resort offers a range of accommodations including spacious rooms and villas that provide a stunning view of the North Sound or marina. The resort also organizes family-friendly events and all-inclusive packages that feature meals, water sports including snorkeling, kayaking, and access to the pool.
  • Fort Recovery Beachfront Hotel: The Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas and Suites Hotel is located on Tortola. The resort provides a home-like atmosphere, especially for couples and families. The all-inclusive package of the resort covers beverages, meals, various water sports, and access to the secluded beach of the resort. If you are on a vacation, Fort Recovery Beachfront is one of the perfect all inclusive vacation in British virgin islands resorts for you.

Cheaper All-Inclusive Resorts in BVI

Due to reasons like luxury, modern amenities, and exclusive experience, finding cheaper resorts is usually challenging for visitors not only in the British Virgin Islands but also in other destinations like Puerto Rico, Florida, Switzerland, etc. However, you can still explore a few options at comparatively cheaper or reasonable prices. Below are a few cheap British virgin islands resorts all inclusive for you to explore budget-friendly accommodation.  

  • Village Cay Hotel in Road Town-Tortola.
  • Fort Burt Hotel in Road Town-Tortola.
  • Sebastian’s on the Beach on Tortola’s West End.
  • Anegada Beach Club on Anegada Island.
  • Guavaberry Spring Bay Vacation Homes in Virgin Gorda.

How to Find all-inclusive Resorts in the British Virgin Islands?

Follow the below-mentioned different methods to discover the best all-inclusive resorts in BVI.

  • Online Tours and Travel Agencies (OTAs): Various Websites like TripAdvisor,,, Expedia, etc. can help find the appropriate all-inclusive resorts in BVI. You can also try Wikipedia which is a reliable platform. 
  • Customer Reviews and Travel Blogs: Travel blogs and customer reviews are some of the best options to collect information about all-inclusive resorts and other related important information. 
  • Travel Agents: Explore the contact details of travel agents of your destination and ask for assistance. They usually have the best information and access to exclusive deals on some of the best resorts British Virgin islands all inclusive.
  • Resort Website: Almost all resorts have their website with the necessary information, especially on all-inclusive packages. Check with the websites and ensure the deal.
  • Social Media: Nowadays social media plays an important role in almost everything in life. Post a query on your page and ask friends and community members if they can recommend a resort in BVI that serves your purpose.
  • Direct Approach: explore anyone of your known persons who have already visited BVI. Approach them and get the required information.

Final Thoughts

The all-inclusive package is an important component during a visit not only for visitors on a budget but for many reasons. All-inclusive packages include group activities ensuring the safety and maximum enjoyment in a group. However, all-inclusive packages may not offer exclusive amenities and personalized services. Nevertheless, all inclusive resorts in British Virgin island are always beneficial with many advantages.

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