Best Bahamian Drinks You Must Try

The Bahamas with more than 700 islands in the Caribbean is one of the top destinations for visitors from across the world. This unique archipelago has marvelous natural beauty that attracts millions of beach lovers and sun-seekers like other French-speaking Caribbean Islands.

Beyond the wonderful natural beauty, the Bahamas is also famous for its delicious tropical beverages. You should never miss the opportunity to explore the unique Bahamian drinks if you are on a trip to the Bahamas. To help you choose the best, below are some of the best Bahamian drinks you must try.

Most Popular Drinks of Bahamian

1. Sky Juice 

Sky Juice commonly called “Gully Wash” is made out of condensed sweetened milk, gin, and coconut water and is most popular compared to other Bahamian drinks. This tropical drink is usually garnished with grated nutmeg, especially on the top which makes it creamy and refreshing. Sky Juice goes perfectly well with cocktails and served chill this can be an amazing drink during the warm Caribbean climate. This delightful drink is most popular among the locals and visitors alike and is one of the famous alcoholic drinks of Bahamas.

2. Bahama Mama 

The Bahama Mama is a unique Caribbean tropical cocktail famous for its fruity flavor and taste. Mama is made out of rum, juices of orange, pineapple, and grenadine along with coconut-flavored liqueur. The drink is usually served over ice often garnished with cherry or a slice of pineapple to make it juicy and attractive. Its fruity fragrance and slightly sweet taste turn the drink mouth-watering as well as overwhelming. Taste the Bahama mama drinks and make your Bahamas trip the most delightful and memorable moment of your life.

3. Goombay Smash 

The Bahamas is the birthplace of Goombay Smash drink and it is one of the special beverages for the locals and tourists in the Bahamas. The Goombay Smash is made out of dark and light rum, pineapple juice, and apricot brandy with a splash of grenadine. This locally produced or Bahama-generated drink is a potent and vibrant cocktail that can give a unique experience rarely felt by any other drink. Goombay Smash is normally served ice-cold often with cherry or pineapple on top of the drink. Its strong concoction with a fruity flavor attracts everyone, especially in beachside bars and other places as well. Taste and experience Goombay Smash one of the best Bahamian alcoholic drinks in the Caribbean.

4. Bahama Breeze Drinks

In fact, Bahama Breeze is not the name or brand of drinks but a reputed restaurant chain popular in the Bahamas. The Bahama Breeze is famous for its island-inspired and visitor-friendly atmosphere. Besides this, Bahama Breeze is also known for its delicious menu of Caribbean dishes and beverages. The Bahama Breeze offers a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails specific to Caribbean tastes and flavors. Below is a menu of Bahama Breeze drinks for you to choose the right drink as per your preference.

  • Bahama Mama: Bahama Mama originated in the Bahamas and thus it gets priority in the menu of Bahama Breeze. A short description of Mama is given above but the quality and taste of Mama in Bahama Breeze is much more than what you get in other places. 
  • Mojito Cubano: Mojito Cubano, as the name suggests, is a Cuban cocktail made out of rum, sugar, lime juice, and mint and topped with soda. Mojito Cubano is popular for its citrusy flavor and crispy taste.
  • Painkiller: This creamy cocktail is comprised of coconut cream, orange juice, pineapple juice, and rum along with fresh nutmeg on the top. It’s a smooth and satisfying drink with tropical flavors.
  • Goombay Smash: Like the Bahama Mama, Goombay Smash is also another Bahama-specific drink that originated in the Bahamas. Goombay Smash gets priority in the menu of Bahama Breeze drinks as one of the best Bahamas drinks with alcohol and served with maximum care and features to ensure the best flavor and taste.
  • Bahama Breeze Non-Alcoholic Drinks: The Bahama Breeze chain of restaurants also boasts of finest non-alcoholic drinks such as the Bahamian Sunset, Virgin Pina Colada, and varieties of Fruit Smoothies. Bahamian Sunset is a fruity colorful drink made out of orange, passion fruit, pineapple, and grenadine. Similarly, the Virgin Pina Colada comprises pineapple juice, coconut cream, and blended ice. Fruit Smoothies are usually made out of strawberry, mango, and banana. These non alcoholic drinks of Bahamas are must-taste and healthy drinks you should never ignore.
  • Bahama Breeze Special Offers: The Bahama Breeze offers Specialty Drinks and Rum Flights periodically besides the normal day-to-day served drinks. Rum Flights showcases different types of rums beginning from dark to light brands and allows the guests to taste the diversity of its rums. So, take advantage of Bahama Breeze Specialty Drinks and Rum Flights and taste and experience some of the best Bahamian non alcoholic drinks.

5. Kalik Beer 

Kalik Beer is named after a popular traditional Bahamian festival called Junkanoo which means the sound of the cowbell. Served cold, especially on a tropical hot day, this delightful Kalik beer is the first choice of people, especially when lounging on the beach. You can also enjoy sipping Kalik beer paired with a meal that has delicious seafood dishes. Do not ignore or hesitate to taste and experience Kalik beer, one of the most popular Bahamas drinks if you are on a trip to the Bahamas, especially during hot seasons.

6. Pirate’s Punch 

The Pirate’s Punch is a unique Bahamian cocktail made out of rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine. Served with a splash of soda, Pirate’s Punch is one of the most favorite cocktails at beach bars as well as in the resorts. The common culture of serving Pirate’s Punch includes garnishing tropical fruits that enhance the flavor, taste, and quality. Taste the Pirate’s Punch which is one of the must try Bahamas drinks on your visit to the Bahamas.

7. Switcha 

Switcha is one of the most popular thirst-quenching and refreshing beverages in the Bahamas, especially during hot seasons. This is crafted by containing lemon juice, fresh water, and sugar. Switcha is a common drink served at local gatherings and get-togethers, especially by the locals. The drink is usually served over ice so that it feels perfect on a hot day. If you are on a tour to the Bahamas during the hot seasons, the best thing to quench your thirst is to try Switcha, one of the unique Bahamas drinks without alcohol.

8. Bush Tea 

Bush Tea holds a special place in the day-to-day life of the Bahamian population. The Bush Tea is made out of indigenous herbs such as lemongrass, basil, and peppermint. The tea claims many health benefits including promoting digestive health and boosting overall wellness. The tea is served sweetened and hot and feels soothing, comforting, and energetic. The Bush Tea is counted as the most significant cultural heritage of the Bahamas and one of the most popular non alcoholic Bahamian drinks.

Bahamian Legal Drinking Age

As in other Caribbean countries like Jamaica, the legal drinking age in the Bahamas is 18 years of age or above. People below the age of 18 are not permitted to consume and purchase alcohol as per Bahamian law. However, the laws differ from region to region and some bars, clubs, and restaurants restrict people to consume or purchase alcohol below the age of 21 years.

The Bahamian laws are very strict on the enforcement of liquor laws, especially for minors. There can be heavy penalties for sellers and users if they do not abide by the Bahamas legal drinking age laws. Know more about the Bahamian liquor laws here.

Cheaper Drinks in the Bahamas

Imported beverages everywhere are usually expensive compared to local brands. Below are some of the best and most affordable drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic for you to try in the Bahamas.

  • Kalik Beer: Kalik beer as stated above is one of the popular beverages in the Bahamas. Since it is brewed locally it is more budget-friendly than the imported beers. However, there are different varieties of Kalik Beers with varied prices like Kalik Lime, Kalik Gold, and Kalik Light, to choose from depending on your budget. Nevertheless, irrespective of different varieties, the Kalik brand is one of the best and cheap alcoholic drinks of Bahamas.
  • Sands Beer: This is another budget-friendly and popular beer available in Bahamian local bars and stores. Sand’s Beer is a light larger type of beer perfect for you in terms of affordability and quality.
  • Locally Produced Rum: Brands like Ole Nassau and John Watling’s are local brands that cost less than the imported brands. You can try some of these local brands to save money but without any compromise on the quality.
  • Non-Alcoholic Cheaper Drinks: Switcha, as described above, and other most popular non alcoholic Bahamian drinks like different fruit juices including the Bush Tea are affordable in the Bahamas.

Final Thoughts

The above Bahamian drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are the best answer or solutions to the question what is the famous Bahamian drink? Many visitors, especially the first timers, usually get confused to choose the best from a long list of beverages. So, pick the one that suits you and enjoy your trip.

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