Best All-Inclusive Resorts in St. John Virgin Island

St. John in the Virgin Islands stands apart from other islands that constitute the US Virgin Islands for many reasons. St. John is popular for its unspoiled natural beauty including the mesmerizing landscapes, pristine beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and above all, tranquility.

If you are planning a trip to enjoy and experience these marvels in St. John, the first thing is to look for one of the best st John virgin island resorts all inclusive for your comfortable stay. Below are some of the famous and reliable resorts in St. John.

Best St. John Virgin Island Resorts All-Inclusive

1. Caneel Bay Resort

The Caneel Bay Resort is located within the National Park of the Virgin Islands and covers a vast land of 170 acres and as many as seven beautiful beaches. This legendary resort is part of promoting and preserving the natural beauty and environment of the National Park. The unparalleled all-inclusive package of the Caneel Bay Resort offers lavish oceanfront accommodations and meals that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beverages. You can enjoy the meals in the luxurious restaurants of the resort. The Caneel Bay Resort is one of the bast all inclusive st John virgin island resorts.

2. The Westin St. John Resort Villas

The Westin St. John Resort is located on the Great Cruz Bay and offers spacious and luxurious villa-style accommodations. The villas have private balconies along with modern amenities. The resort is known for its all-inclusive packages that include meals in the restaurants (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and beverages. Besides this, the packages also offer different kinds of activities including paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and other water sports. The Westin St. John Resort is one of the most popular and the best resorts in st John virgin island for families.

3. Gallows Point Resort

The Gallows Point Resort is located on the Cruz Bay Peninsula and is a boutique resort that offers exceptional all-inclusive packages. The resort has spacious suits and a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette. Its all-inclusive package covers meals comprising breakfast, lunch, and dinner which you can choose from a variety of dining options. The Gallows Point Resort has a romantic and intimate atmosphere that attracts couples from across the world. As complimentary offers, the resort provides access to the freshwater pool and hot tub along with other activities like the use of kayaks and snorkel gear. If you are a couple and looking for a romantic getaway, the Gallows Point Resort is one of the best all inclusive resorts in st John virgin island for couples.

4. Estate Lindholm Resort

The Estate Lindholm Resort is a comparatively small hotel located in Cruz Bay in St. John Virgin Island. The resort is situated in a tranquil, charming, and romantic environment and is a popular destination for couples who seek a secluded and romantic getaway. Estate Lindholm offers both suites and guest rooms with modern and lavish amenities including a hot tub, swimming pool, sun deck, the Lime Inn known for delicious and flavorful recipes and cocktails, and a restaurant. Estate Lindholm is famous for its eco-friendly approaches and practices and is one of the most popular romantic resorts in st John US virgin island.

5. Concordia Eco-Resort

The Concordia Resort is located in the eastern part of St. John with a comparatively quiet and eco-friendly atmosphere. The resort is unique and innovative in terms of its offers. It offers eco-lodges, studios, and eco-tents for accommodation along with fantastic all-inclusive packages. The all-inclusive package includes meals comprising breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and prioritizes locally produced sustainable agricultural ingredients. If you are a lover of nature and a sports enthusiast, then this unique eco-resort should be the first choice for you. There are various water sports guided hikes, yoga classes, and other activities. You can also enjoy the mesmerizing views of Salt Pond Bay. The Concordia Eco-Resort is undoubtedly one of the best all inclusive resorts in st John US virgin island.

6. Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel and other Vacation Rentals

If you are on a budget and seeking affordable accommodation, then the Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel is the perfect place for you. This is a comparatively smaller and affordable but comfortable and reliable boutique hotel located in Cruz Bay in St. John. The all-inclusive package of the hotel provides access to all amenities and breakfast.

You can also look for other vacation rentals to save money. There are villas and vacation homes in St. John in Virgin Island. However, these places may not offer an all-inclusive package but you can avail of other affordable options like the all-equipped kitchen to cook your food the way you wish. Nevertheless, if you are specific about the all-inclusive packages, then the Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel is one of the cheap resorts in st John virgin island all inclusive.

Top Things to Do in St. John US Virgin Island

St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands is known for its various outdoor activities, beaches, and natural beauty like Puerto Rico for its diverse and incredible dining options. If you are already in St. John or planning a trip to the island, never miss the opportunity of visiting and doing the following places.

  • Visit the National Park: St. John is located amidst the National Park of Virgin Islands and the majority of the area is covered with historic ruins, tropical forests, and hiking trails. You can observe the unique wildlife, enjoy hiking, explore the historic ruins, enjoy hiking, and spend time on its stunning beaches.
  • Go to Trunk Bay: Trunk Bay and its beaches are one of the most popular tourist nations due to the incredible crystal-clear water and beautiful white sand beaches. Another unresisting attraction is the underwater snorkeling trail to explore the marvelous marine life and coral reefs. Staying in one of the best luxury resorts in St John virgin island US and enjoying these activities can be remarkably an unforgettable memory in your life.
  • Hiking Trails: St. John has many famous hiking trails namely the Rams Head Trail, Annaberg Plantation Trail, Reef Bay Trail, etc. Hiking across these trails, experiencing the beautiful vegetation, and exploring the history of the island can be a unique experience for you.
  • Visit Maho Bay: Maho Bay is another unavoidable destination famous for its beautiful beach and calm waters. Most visitors flock around the Maho Bay beach to watch the sea turtles. Relaxing in one of the best st john virgin island resorts all inclusive and snorkeling and swimming can be great fun for you.
  • Shopping in Coral Bay: Every vacation is incomplete without shopping for local products and often things that are closely associated with the local culture and history. Go to Coral Bay, one of the charming towns towards the eastern part of the island and do your shopping. 

How to Travel in St. John US Virgin Islands?

St. John in the US Virgin Islands does not have a public transport system but you can use the open-air safari buses that are popular for short distances. However, if you are lodged in one of the luxurious all inclusive st John virgin island resorts and want to travel long distances, you can use one of the below transport systems.

  • Taxi and Car rentals.
  • Ferry services.
  • Jeep rentals and water taxis.
  • Bicycles and walking.

Best Time to Visit St. John US Virgin Islands

The best time to visit St. John in the US Virgin Islands depends on your preference and budget and the activities you wish to enjoy. The peak period from December to April is best for all activities but is expensive. On the other hand, the off-peak season from August to October is cheaper but comes with higher risks of hurricanes. In addition, rain is another prominent factor that makes the off-peak season unsuitable, especially for outdoor activities.

However, you can also plan your trip during the shoulder period in May and June when the weather is good and the prices are reasonable. You can also benefit in terms of all inclusive st John virgin island resorts as they will be affordable.

How to Find the Best St. John Virgin Island Vacation Packages?

  • Search for reliable and reputed tours and travel online and ask for an affordable deal. Make sure you do appropriate research including searching in sites like Wikipedia to ensure authentic and non-spam information.
  • Read the reviews and compare prices to know the drawbacks and lacunas which are usually hidden and not spoken clearly.
  • Negotiate with the prices if you are on a budget, especially when you are dealing with one of the best all inclusive resorts in st john US virgin island.
  • Seek recommendations from someone you know who has already gone to St. John in the Virgin Islands.

Final Thoughts

The resorts that offer all-inclusive packages in St. John Virgin Islands are few and the concept of all-inclusive packages is not common on the island. Secondly, the prices are high during the peak season.

However, there are affordable hotels that provide comparatively better services and hospitality in comparison to other destinations across the world. Eventually, you have made a wise decision by planning a trip to St. John which is one of the incredible destinations one should never miss to visit.

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